Smiling older man in park wearing BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor.

For patients

The easy-to-wear monitor that gives your doctors the data they need.

Preventice is now Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics

Patient heart monitoring stories

Hear from patients who wore a BodyGuardian™ MINI or BodyGuardian MINI PLUS remote cardiac monitor, and find out how it put them on the road to diagnosis.

Smiling BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor patient Bob with two others in front of Purple Heart statue.

BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitors

BodyGuardian MINI Remote Cardiac Monitor components: mobile app and monitor.
  • Are waterproof for working out, swimming, and showering
  • Put no limits on your daily activities
  • Are comfortable and lightweight
  • Collect your beat-by-beat heart data for your healthcare team

Support and resources

We’re here to help, 24/7

Resources for patients who are prescribed BodyGuardian remote cardiac monitors.

Patient heart monitoring journey

Step-by-step instructions for patients who are prescribed a BodyGuardian monitor.

Patient billing support

We offer a quick and secure way to pay your BodyGuardian remote cardiac monitor bill.