BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor patient Drew with a baby.

Drew’s story

Triathlete Drew turned to the BodyGuardian™ MINI remote cardiac monitor for insight into his arrhythmia.

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Drew shares his experience

An adventure seeker and elite athlete, Drew never expected to have heart trouble. And he never really worried about his health, including his heart, until he found the love of his life.

BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor patient Drew wearing the heart monitor and running in a competition.

His consulting career took him to Arkansas and New York City, where he always found time for strenuous athletics, including running marathons and triathlons. When Drew moved to Florida for a climate that supported a less stressful lifestyle, he also met his wife. He began to think more consciously about his heart health. After his primary care doctor detected an arrhythmia, he went to see a cardiologist.

The physician assistant (PA) administering an EKG showed Drew three examples of where his heart beat too early. The PA showed Drew a key-fob-sized BodyGuardian MINI and placed it on his chest using an adhesive strip.

“Considering I had no idea I had an arrhythmia until 12 minutes earlier, it was all a bit overwhelming,” said Drew. But wearing the tiny, waterproof monitor proved simple: he could go about his daily activities — including bathing, swimming, and showering — for two weeks while his cardiologist looked for arrhythmias. He even competed in a triathlon during the monitoring period.

Drew took note of anything that he thought might affect his heart rate — exercise, sex, alcohol, vitamins, medication (including his blood-pressure medicine), stressful news, and driving in Miami.

Comparing his own journal of daily activities to the two weeks of heart monitoring, Drew saw that many of his arrhythmia episodes happened after he stayed out late for his birthday and probably had too much to drink and not enough water.

Drew is thankful for the opportunity to better understand his heart health. “It’s done the two most important things — it has given me the green light to do things that I love doing, and it has helped me understand what might not be good for my heart,” said Drew. “This information is invaluable.”

Since his heart monitoring journey, Drew and his cardiologist agreed he should continue with a healthy lifestyle—finding joy in his new marriage, living life to the fullest, and competing with a new mindset of making sure he listens to what his body needs.

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