Mobile device with remote monitoring and Preventice BodyGuardian MINI PLUS remote cardiac monitor.

Your cardiac monitor

When your doctor prescribes a heart monitor device, you need reassurance that you’ll be able to go about your daily routine without discomfort or limitation.

Preventice is now Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics

A small, waterproof BodyGuardian™ MINI or MINI PLUS remote cardiac monitor lets you live your life as it collects data that will help your doctor make a diagnosis.

Which BodyGuardian is for you?

FeaturesBodyGuardian MINIBodyGuardian MINI PLUS 
Easy setup at home or in doctor's officeYesYes 
Small and lightweightYesYes 
Adheres without skin abrasionYesYes 
Choose how to wear monitorYesYes 
Submersible and waterproofYesYes 
Monitoring periodUp to 15 daysUp to 30 days 
Near-real-time monitoring of cardiac eventsNoYes 

BodyGuardian MINI

An easy-to-use monitor that you can wear anywhere.

Confident woman crouching on golf course as she wears BodyGuardian MINI remote cardiac monitor.

BodyGuardian MINI PLUS

The small, waterproof monitor that transmits your heart data in near-real-time.

Older woman lifting aquatic dumbbell in swimming pool and wearing BodyGuardian MINI PLUS remote cardiac monitor.

Patients stories

Hear from patients who wore a BodyGuardian MINI or BodyGuardian MINI PLUS remote cardiac monitor, and find out how it put them on the road to diagnosis.

Smiling BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor patient Bob with two others in front of Purple Heart statue.

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