BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor patient Kimberly, in front of distant hills and wearing the heart monitor.

Kimberly’s story

Severe chest pain was Kimberly’s wake-up call

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Kimberly shares her experience

Kimberly is a young professional with a fast-paced life and impressive career in New York City. One night, she awoke with severe chest pain and shortness of breath. She consulted her mother, a registered nurse, who advised Kimberly to go to the hospital for testing and a diagnosis.

Doctors ordered an EKG, tested for a possible pulmonary embolism, and ran bloodwork. Detecting critical abnormality, the physicians scheduled an emergency angiogram, but it revealed no blockage.

BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor patient Kimberly, wearing the heart monitor.

“They sent my results to a couple of specialty doctors for analysis. The specialists determined that my arteries run underneath the left chamber of my heart when they should run over it. At the time, I was on a very serious fitness journey. They think I overworked my body, bringing on a coronary vasospasm. While I was asleep, my artery locked up and stopped blood flow to my heart’s left chamber. By the time I got the angiogram, my artery had unlocked.”

Kimberly was prescribed blood pressure medication and saw her cardiologist every other month. “I have to carry nitroglycerin with me because the doctors said, ‘We don't know if this will happen one time, or if this could happen 50 more times in your life’,” she says.

When Kimberly reported a recurrence of some symptoms, her cardiologist recommended that she wear the BodyGuardian™ MINI PLUS remote cardiac monitor for 30 days. She was happy to see how small and unobtrusive the MINI PLUS is.

“I thought I was going to have wires connected all over my body, very much like an EKG, or that I would need to keep something heavy attached to me,” Kimberly says. “I loved that the monitor was wireless and with a phone that I can clip to my bag and keep on my nightstand. It was so easy to do everything that I do in my daily life,” including dancing, running, and kickboxing. Kimberly was also pleased that the BodyGuardian instructional videos “helped me make sure I was wearing it correctly, and your customer service handled anything I needed.”

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