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Travel support

Contact us before you travel so we can ensure continuous heart rhythm tracking

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Support for traveling patients

If you travel with your BodyGuardian™ remote cardiac monitor, we’ll do all we can to ensure uninterrupted tracking of your heart rhythms. It’s essential that you contact us before you depart on your trip and continue to follow your doctor’s instructions.

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If you travel with your heart monitor within the United States

Contact the monitoring center before you depart to inform us of your travel dates. Follow the domestic travel instructions in the patient instruction manual for your monitor.

If you travel with your heart monitor outside the United States

Contact the monitoring center before you depart. You will be responsible for paying any phone charges or other fees that accrue due to use of the monitor outside the United States.

We do not provide wireless monitoring services outside the 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico. We will not be responsible for any interruption of services or any charges associated with data transmission.

Please note:

  • Monitors, batteries, and other accessories and supplies will not be shipped outside the United States.
  • Patients must ensure they have adequate supplies prior to travel.
  • If you have symptoms and take a recording but do not transmit it, the symptoms should be captured and noted. When you contact our monitoring center, tell the technicians about the symptoms.
  • When you contact us before your trip, we will provide a non-toll-free number for reaching us from outside the United States. If you use that number, inform our staff member that you are calling internationally.

Got questions?

If you have questions about traveling with your BodyGuardian remote cardiac monitor, we are here to help.