Smiling BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor patient Bob with two others in front of Purple Heart statue.

Bob’s story

After decades of arrhythmia, Bob’s diagnosis gives him peace of mind

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Bob shares his experience

Bob was first referred to a cardiologist for arrhythmia in 1973, when he was a Marine on active duty in Vietnam. Over the following decades he visited cardiologists several times after an in-office electrocardiogram (EKG) or a physician exam required follow-up. Despite multiple tests, his doctors never developed a clear picture of his heart condition.

Smiling BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor patient Bob with a woman in front of a Ginger Bay boat launch sign.

More recently, a new cardiologist recommended that he wear a BodyGuardian MINI PLUS remote cardiac monitor for a seven-day monitoring period. Returning to the cardiologist’s office a few days later for an EKG, Bob learned that he need not ever remove the monitor for the test — a pleasant surprise. Throughout his week of monitoring, Bob was free to go about all his daily activities, including taking long, vigorous walks with his wife.

Bob, a retiree, does not consider himself tech-savvy, but he easily completed the monitor setup at home, simply following the instructions in the patient manual. “My experience with the MINI PLUS was smooth and easy, and so was returning the monitor with the shipping label provided.”

Because Bob’s symptoms are intermittent, the week-long monitoring was critical to reaching a firm diagnosis. He learned that his arrhythmia is due to premature ventricular contractions (PVCs), which the cardiologist reassured him is not a problem unless it occurs too often. “I was very happy to wear the MINI PLUS, which provided data 24/7.”

Bob advises anyone who is apprehensive or intimidated by technology not to worry about monitoring with a BodyGuardian MINI. And now that his heart condition is well understood, he looks forward to spending time with family as he and his wife celebrate a milestone anniversary.

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