BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor patient Barbara and her smiling grandchildren.

Barbara’s story

When Barbara’s heart paused, BodyGuardian™ MINI PLUS remote cardiac monitor sounded the alarm

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Barbara shares her experience

Barbara is a retired school psychologist who enjoys spending time with family. Observing that her smart watch recorded sporadic increases in her heart rate, Barbara became concerned. Her cardiologist prescribed beta blockers, but her heart rate was still rapid. The doctor then prescribed near-real-time monitoring with BodyGuardian MINI PLUS, and Barbara began her heart monitoring journey.

BodyGuardian Remote Cardiac Monitor patient Barbara sitting with her grandchildren.

The compact MINI PLUS enabled Barbara to keep up her active lifestyle — going on long walks, playing golf, and even showering without removing her monitor. “I didn't even notice I had it on, to tell you the truth,” she says.

But one afternoon, 10 days into the monitoring, Barbara got a call from her daughter, who was worried; both the Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics’ team and the doctor’s office had been trying to reach her. Near-real-time monitoring showed that her heart had paused for approximately 5 seconds earlier that afternoon, which she had noticed at the time. “It was probably the worst pause that I had experienced, because I did feel like maybe I would pass out,” she says. “You don't feel your heart stop, but you do feel it try to kick back into some kind of a rhythm.”

Barbara’s cardiologist recommended that she get a pacemaker or have a cardiac ablation as soon as possible to correct her arrhythmia. Her ablation procedure went smoothly, as did her recovery, leaving Barbara feeling great. “I'm really happy that I wore the MINI PLUS. With another Holter monitor, I would have needed to wait for the study to finish, send the device back to the company, and wait for them to send a report to my doctor. In all that time, I would have had episodes where my heart stopped. Who knows what would have happened,” said Barbara. “I'm very relieved that I'm on the other side of this now.”

Patient heart monitoring stories

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