Healthcare professional listening to patient and taking notes.

Healthcare professionals

BodyGuardian™ Remote Cardiac Monitors and our services are easy for patients to use and can increase diagnostic yield.

Preventice is now Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics

BodyGuardian cardiac monitors

Comfortable BodyGuardian helps improve patient compliance and provide robust data to clinicians.

BodyGuardian MINI Remote Cardiac Monitor components: mobile app and monitor.

Advanced remote monitoring

Deep learning for electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis gives physicians tools to increase diagnostic yield, optimize therapies, and improve patient outcomes.

Four healthcare professionals with stethoscopes looking at clipboard as one points.

Choice of business models

Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics offers three business models: prescribed standard split bill, purchase plus services, and purchase plus software.

Support and resources

Healthcare professional support

Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics offers robust data annotation and a streamlined clinical experience.

Patient education

Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics provides doctors with patient videos for the BodyGuardian portfolio.