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BeatLogic™ cardiac algorithm

The BodyGuardian™ remote cardiac monitor telemetry system incorporates deep learning for superior data annotation of electrocardiographic monitoring.

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Near-real-time data with rich annotations

BeatLogic™, BodyGuardian’s remote monitoring system, feeds near-real-time ECG (electrocardiographic) data to a cloud-based platform that clinicians can access. If annotated data indicates a potentially life-threatening cardiac event, clinicians can be quickly alerted.

Deep learning yields insights

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Machine learning, a legacy artificial intelligence technique, relies on human insight and engineering to extract important information from raw data. Deep learning, by contrast, is not limited to existing knowledge of what’s important in the data. Deep learning can uncover novel data relationships that offer fresh insights to clinical decision makers.

Better data enables better care

Graph indicating deep learning increases with performance and amount of data, more than classic machine learning does.

Deep learning algorithms can be trained on millions of ECG recordings, empowering clinicians with more accurate information. The benefits include faster diagnosis and improved patient care.

Services and technologies

Our offerings can help improve physician efficiency, bolster timely intervention, and reduce hospitalizations and readmissions.

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Caution: U.S. federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.