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Veterans service offerings

Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics is honored to help protect those who protect us.

Preventice is now Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics

VA and DoD access to BodyGuardianTM MINI

Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics, Inc. is proud to offer the BodyGuardian MINI family of remote ECG monitors to Veteran Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) facilities. The BodyGuardian MINI is available as a 15-day Holter monitor or as a Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) monitor that can be used for up to 30 days of monitoring. The BodyGuardian MINI is fully waterproof and there are multiple adhesive options to accommodate the needs of this patient population.

To further enhance our support, we've introduced a direct purchasing option within the Defense Logistics Agency's Electronic Catalog (ECAT) Program. This initiative ensures that Veterans and DoD personnel needing remote electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring and data collection can easily access and benefit from our advanced BodyGuardian products and services.

ECAT customer support

If you need assistance, please contact the ECAT Help Desk. 

Phone: (800) 290-8201 (7am to 5pm Central)
Hours: 7am – 5pm Central Monday-Friday

In you need emergency assistance after hours, you can contact the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) at (877) 352-2255.

Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics customer support

Contact us with any questions or concerns regarding Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics.

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