Healthcare professional examining cardiac event monitoring data and taking notes on tablet.

EMR integration

For a streamlined clinician experience and efficient office operations.

Preventice is now Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics

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Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics offers an efficient electronic medical record (EMR) integrated data management system with discrete data — whether eStart, unidirectional, or bidirectional — to create the best fit with your EMR system.

BodyGuardian™ remote cardiac monitor EMR integrations

Overlay of EMR System Personal Information intake form.

Our data management system integrates with your EMR to:

  • Reduce hospital length of stay
  • Improve document quality
  • Generate substantial dollar savings
  • Provides better time management for nurses’
  • Reduce lab tests and drug costs

Cost-effective data management

You are only responsible for any licensing your EMR provider requires. We work with your team to optimize the integration.

Data Protection

Our activities follow HIPAA,  HL7 interchange guidelines, and align with System and Organization Controls (SOC) for Service Organizations (SOC2 Type 2).

  • Epic™
  • NextGen™
  • GE Muse™
  • OnBase™
  • athenahealth
  • eClinicalWorks™
  • AllScripts™
  • Cerner™
  • Epiphany™

Integration model

Integration model for electronic medical record (EMR) system.
  • Tell us what you need and how you want us to interact with your personnel.
  • Personalized report transfer to your EMR or file server with optional electronic signature.
  • Send enrollment information directly to Boston Scientific Cardiac Diagnostics or utilize another method.

Need more help?

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